May 31, 2023

AIS Healthcare Recognizes National Senior Health & Fitness Day

Simon Castellanos

Targeted drug delivery and infusion care solutions improve patient quality of life and increase physical activity to promote health and wellness among seniors   

Dallas, Texas – AIS Healthcare, the leading provider of targeted drug delivery and infusion care solutions, recognizes today as the 30th annual National Senior Health & Fitness Day. The medication and services provided by AIS Healthcare Targeted Drug Delivery (TDD) and Advanced Infusion Care (AIC) empower seniors to live healthy and productive lives by helping manage severe pain, spasticity, and other chronic health conditions. National Senior Health & Fitness Day, celebrated on the last Wednesday of May, is a day dedicated to the wellness of seniors with the common goal of helping keep American seniors fit and healthy.

Seniors utilizing TDD through AIS Healthcare report improvement with their pain, spasticity, physical functionality, and quality of life. The goal of the therapy is to minimize pain and allow patients to regain their ability to participate in daily activities. Patients managing chronic pain and spasticity represent an extremely high-risk group prone to hospitalization, urgent care visits, and surgeries that often fail. 

At AIC, a division of AIS Healthcare, infusion therapies help treat patients with a range of medical conditions including primary immunodeficiency, lung problems, and autoimmune diseases. For seniors living with these conditions, infusion therapies help to manage their treatments effectively and live a full life. 

“Our patients are at the center of everything we do. At AIS Healthcare, we strive to meet the highest standards of safety and quality in our medications and services so that we meaningfully improve the lives of all our patients. We are committed to providing seniors with best-in-class care that increases their physical activity and improves their overall health and wellness,” said Simon Castellanos, AIS Healthcare Chief Executive Officer

National Senior Health & Fitness Day is the largest health and wellness movement for seniors in the U.S., celebrated across senior centers, hospitals, health clubs, retirement communities, and more. This May 31, 2023, marks a time to celebrate the contributions of seniors to our communities and renew our efforts to keep them healthy and thriving. 

Advancing quality. Improving lives.

As the leading provider of targeted drug delivery and infusion care solutions, AIS Healthcare is committed to doing more of what matters. From pharmacies that put patient safety first to comprehensive services that enhance the entire care experience, we go beyond the expected in everything we do.

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