Infusion care that puts patients like you first

Get compassionate, in-home infusion care from our skilled nursing team. 

At Advanced Infusion Care, we want to be your partner throughout your Ig and Alpha-1 therapy. Our dedicated nurses provide personalized in-home Ig and Alpha-1 care to patients throughout the country. We are proud to provide an alternative to hospitals while delivering the best possible care to patients like you.

Our in-home care has a 99% patient satisfaction rate.

Infusion nursing services, tailored to you

We have more than 200 fully certified and highly trained nurses on staff, all of whom are committed to doing more to provide the best possible care for patients. Our nurses partner closely with you and your doctor to give you the Ig and Alpha-1 infusion care you need, wherever it is convenient for you.

One of our infusion nurse specialists* will come to your home to infuse your prescription. If applicable, your nurse will also provide self-infusion and infusion pump training to you and your caregiver. If your medication is infused subcutaneously, you will be re-trained every year.

*Please note: All AIS Healthcare nurses work under the name “Advanced Nursing Solutions.” This name and logo will appear on their scrubs.

Nursing that exceeds expectations

All of our nurses are certified in intravenous and subcutaneous medication administration. Every nurse wears personal protective equipment (PPE) and follows all federal and state safety guidelines as well as recommendations from the WHO and CDC. They are all trained to handle medical issues that may come up while they are in your home, and your nurses will be working closely with your doctor to make sure you’re getting the right care.

Our nursing team is led by experienced professionals who are dedicated to improving patients’ lives. Learn more about our nursing team leadership.

Our nurses bring both compassion and deep experience to every visit:


experienced nurses on staff, which allows for consistent patient care


of patients receive care from an AIC-employed nurse*


patient medication adherence rate


patient satisfaction


access to a dedicated team of clinical and support staff

*AIS Healthcare nurses are credentialed as Advanced Nursing Solutions. This team is a nationally accredited leader that provides in-home nursing care. 

A healthcare team dedicated to your care

As an AIC patient, you have access to a dedicated team of clinical and support staff. Your care team is here to make sure you get the care, and support, you need. 

Your team includes:
  • Clinical Pharmacists
    • Deliver disease-specific medication review and education to all patients
    • Monthly patient adherence calls to review patient tolerability and complete refill assessment
    • Assist provider with dosing review and recommendations as needed
  • Home Infusion Nurses
    • 200+ experienced nurses on staff
    • 98% of patients receive care from an AIC employed nurse*
    • Certified in IV and SubQ medication administration
    • Hold Immunoglobulin National Society (IgNS) and pediatric certifications
    • Undergo advanced and ongoing clinical training RN Clinical Review Specialists
  • RN Clinical Review Specialists
    • Conduct clinical review of every new referral
    • Ensure documentation complies with insurance requirements
    • Dedicated clinical appeals team to assist with insurance denials
  • Patient Access Specialists
    • Review and check benefits for every patient
    • Initiate patient welcome call within 24 hours of receiving referral
    • Communicate financial assistance opportunities to patients
    • Facilitate ongoing insurance reauthorization for continuity of care

*AIS Healthcare nurses are credentialed as Advanced Nursing Solutions. This team is a nationally accredited leader that provides in-home nursing care. 

Nationally Recognized Quality

AIC holds dual accreditation from URAC and Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC), undergoes regular inspections by the State Boards of Pharmacy, and is a proud member of IgNS.