How extended BUDs benefit TDD providers

Targeted drug delivery (TDD) prescriptions are usually labeled with a Beyond-Use Date, or BUD—the date or time after which the compounded sterile preparation shall not be administered, stored or transported.  BUDs help to protect patients. TDD medications are compounded and then stored in the closed system of a vial or syringe. BUDs tell clinicians when the integrity of that closed system may begin to be at risk, [...]

Compounding quality standards—and how AIS Healthcare goes above and beyond

Two hundred years ago, a group of physicians, concerned about medication quality and safety, published the United States Pharmacopeia (USP), a set of national, uniform guidelines for drugmakers to help protect patients from dangerous or ineffective medicines.  Now, as USP celebrates its bicentennial, these guidelines remain the pharmaceutical industry standard, ensuring medication quality for patients across the country. [...]

The growing TDD market, and your top consideration when choosing a pharmacy

For chronic pain and spasticity patients, opioid medication can be a path to a higher quality of life. However, oral opioids can also be highly addictive and, when overprescribed or abused, can cause serious harm. In 2016, opioids were involved in more than 42,249 overdose deaths in the United States.1 Targeted drug delivery (TDD) offers an alternative to oral opioids. [...]

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