Pump refills from a skilled nursing team, delivered wherever patients reside

Home Connect® offers patients the comfort and convenience of physician-directed, in-home targeted drug delivery (TDD) care.

Highly trained registered nurses*, hired by AIS Healthcare for their extensive TDD experience, are available to travel to patients for routine or complex pump refills and maintenance.

Home Connect includes:
  • Routine and complex refills with independent programming validation between three qualified RNs
  • A full physical and functional assessment
  • Pump interrogations, adjustments, troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Pump remote assistance
  • 24/7 nurse access
  • MRI pump support, if required
  • Availability for frequent visits

*AIS Healthcare nurses are credentialed as Advanced Nursing Solutions. This team is a nationally accredited leader that provides in-home nursing care.

Benefits for patients and providers

For patients

Home Connect eliminates the cost and inconvenience of traveling for pump refills and maintenance and enables patients to receive care outside of clinic hours, enhancing the patient experience.

For providers

Home Connect allows for office efficiency and lets practices focus on their core competencies, all while reducing missed appointments and increasing patient compliance. 

Home Connect patient profiles

Home Connect is not a solution for all patients—but for some, the service provides the convenience and flexibility they need.

The Busy Professional

John works long hours, travels frequently for work and has an active social life, making it hard for him to find time to visit his doctor’s office regularly. He’d rather not spend his limited and sporadic free time coordinating and traveling to an appointment or worrying about needing a refill when he’s on a business trip.

The Long-Distance Patient

Dave’s doctor’s office is more than a two-hour drive from his home. When he goes in for a regular refill appointment, it isn’t just a short errand or minor inconvenience; it’s a whole day lost to sitting in a car, sometimes in immense pain.

The Frequent Traveler

Carol loves to travel and spends as many weeks and weekends at her family’s lake house as possible, but sometimes her pump appointments get in the way. She doesn’t want to sacrifice her passion for travel, so she needs a way to maintain her medication when she’s on the road or at the lake house.

The Transportation Challenged

Mimi is a wheelchair user who’s determined to be as independent as possible. Unfortunately, that isn’t always easy when it comes to getting to her doctor’s office. Getting in and out of a car is uncomfortable for Mimi, but she feels even more uncomfortable about burdening her family and friends to give her a ride.