March 16, 2020

COVID-19 response: AIS Healthcare continues to go above and beyond to protect patients and support providers

Simon Castellanos

March 16, 2020

COVID-19 response: AIS Healthcare continues to go above and beyond to protect patients and support providers

In addition to our industry-leading safety and quality standards across all three of our care divisions, AIS Healthcare is implementing additional measures in response to COVID-19.

Dallas, Texas—AIS Healthcare is committed to doing what’s right, not just what’s expected, in response to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

From pharmacies that put patient safety first to highly skilled nurses dedicated to doing more for patients and providers, AIS Healthcare has the standards, procedures and services in place to support patients and
providers during this time:

  • We exceed industry safety and sterility standards in our pharmacies, including more robust environmental monitoring, and have an independent, full-time quality team on site
  • Our comprehensive care services give patients flexibility in where they receive care
  • We offer 24/7 nursing and pharmacist support for patients and providers

We will continue to go above and beyond across our three divisions.

Targeted Drug Delivery:

  • With a proven, proprietary process that combines aseptic processing with terminal sterilization—a pharmaceutical industry standard—we are able to achieve sterility assurance of 1:1,000,000 and a Beyond-Use Date of 21 to 45 days for all formulary medications1
  • Our state-of-the-art 503A compounding pharmacies in Dallas, Texas, and Ridgeland, Mississippi, are fully redundant, allowing for uninterrupted supply of medication to our patients
  • By exceeding USP <797> standards for particle testing, we are able to quickly detect contaminants, and use virucidal disinfectants in our cleanings
  • None of our active pharmaceutical ingredients are sourced from outside countries affected by the virus, all ingredients undergo rigorous testing prior to compounding and we have a year’s supply on hand to continue service in the event of a shortage
  • Home Connect provides in-home implanted pump refills and maintenance, allowing patients to avoid trips to healthcare facilities

1 All patient-specific dispenses within maximum concentrations (based on AIS Healthcare in-house data for 120,000 aseptically processed and terminally sterilized patient-specific prescriptions in 2019)

Advanced Infusion Care:

  • Close collaboration with physicians ensures the consistent delivery of patient-specific, specialized in-home infusion services, without patients needing to travel to clinics
  • No product or supply comes from an outside country, and we currently have a stable supply
  • All plasma used in our immunoglobulin infusions is sourced from the United States

AIS Healthcare Ophthalmics:

  • Our compounding facilities meet all USP <797> standards for sterility and patient safety, and our environmental monitoring exceeds these standards
  • We have a large, local inventory of our most commonly used medications, helping to ensure consistent supply
  • All extended-BUD products undergo sterility testing

Additionally, AIS Healthcare has a preparedness and business continuity plan in place, which has been communicated to all staff members.

Additional COVID-19 response measures:

  • Starting March 10, AIS Healthcare has limited access to our facilities and implemented enhanced illness screening, based on CDC guidance, for all staff and visitors
  • Vendor interactions have been moved off-site and employees are equipped to work from home where needed
  • We are working with our strategic logistics partners to ensure capacity in and out of our pharmacies
  • All nursing staff members are following the CDC’s COVID-19 guidelines for healthcare personnel and are equipped with additional sterilization equipment
  • All AIS Healthcare nurses are wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) while inside patients’ homes, and are educating patients and caregivers on CDC-recommended preventative measures, including hand hygiene

If you have any questions about AIS Healthcare’s response to COVID-19, you can:

AIS Healthcare
18451 Dallas Parkway
Suite 150
Dallas, TX 75287

623 Highland Colony Parkway
Suite 100
Ridgeland, MS 39157

P: 877.443.4006
F: 888.298.2220

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