Meeting health system challenges with comprehensive solutions

At AIS Healthcare, we understand the challenges that arise when managing a high-risk patient population. That’s why we’re able to partner with hospitals and healthcare systems around the country to provide in-depth and knowledgeable solutions. With our wealth of experience in targeted drug delivery care, AIS helps hospitals bring patients from trial initiation to chronic pain management.

Pharmacy overview and tour

Hear from Cindy Dumas, our Vice President of Pharmacy Services, as
she walks through our pharmacy.

Get a closer look inside our specialty pharmacy

Gown Room

Where staff prepares to safely enter the Cleanroom Suite.

Cleanroom Suite

The heart of our pharmacy operation, where our compounded medications are prepared.

Testing Area

Here, our medications are inspected to detect particulate and undergo a filter integrity test.

Terminal Sterilization Room

Watch our proven, proprietary process as we further sterilize our medications.

Proprietary Information System

Where AIS staff extensively reviews all medication orders.

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