July 10, 2020

At AIS Healthcare, we’ve always focused on doing more of what matters. More to advance medication quality, more to support patients, more to empower providers.

Now, in this moment of social unrest over the persistent injustice in our society, we must continue to do more. Not just for our patients and providers but also for our employees, our neighbors and our communities.

We have long promoted diversity and inclusion within our organization, and we’re committed to valuing all our differences—in race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability status and more—throughout our company.

But now is the time to do more. We must build upon our commitment to diversity and do everything we can to move toward more inclusivity and equality, both within our company and out in our world. Here’s where we will start:

  • Through organization-wide diversity training, all AIS Healthcare employees will learn what it truly means to work with respect, inclusivity and understanding
  • CEO Simon Castellanos will lead a new inclusion council task force to promote diversity at the leadership level
  • We will analyze our own hiring practices and talent management programs, and make the necessary changes to help us increase our company’s diversity and help ensure each of our employees feels included, respected and valued
  • We have secured an external diversity consultant partner who will help us put a plan in place to move these actions forward
  • We will evaluate all of our marketing, including our website to ensure we’re representing the diversity of the communities we serve
  • Simon Castellanos will seed a new fund that will support nonprofits focused on diversity issues and education
  • AIS Healthcare will provide a corporate match to this new fund of up to $50,000
  • We will also make a meaningful contribution to support diversity and inclusion efforts in our local community of Dallas, Texas

Our company has long been committed to doing what’s right, not just what’s expected. We’re proud to live that commitment in each of these actions, at a time when doing what’s right is more important than ever.

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